Start 6months trial dating sites

6months trial dating sites

This made no sense to me being the system was down how would connecting with CSR by phone or via chat make a difference. I offered to pay the premium charge for one month and have the overage refunded. I found a permanent partner via e-Harmony (which is a brilliant site by the way) and I had been in that relationship for 18 months when I noticed a payment of £77.94 taken out of my credit card account (that I used to subscribe) which looks like a 6 months subs.

Most people would call that misleading, give all the message like that, or even a scam.

This is a total rip-off for a site that charges for what other sites provide for free.

Here's something to think about, they pay millions of dollars for all their slick media ads and they are still losing out to other online dating sites.

I had to contact my bank and have them intervene to get them to stop. They sent me a non-personalized email indicating that my password had been changed but no temporary password was sent.

I'm sure they do this to a vast majority of their unsuspecting clients. The next email was an invalid screen name, invalid email address and incorrect birthday.

I also got a lot of messages like over 50 at the last min of my trial.

I did everything they said required to get it the guarantee and I lost most feature after my 6 month that I paid for ran out.

I went through the cancellation process and selected my reason for cancelling (I met someone).