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il fait froid, habillez vous bien et en conséquence, avec des chaussures de randonnée, une lampe frontale si vous marchez de nuit, de l'eau et de quoi vous nourrir.

In his Recycling series, sculptures of the iconic recycling symbol—inspired by the endless intertwining of a Möbius strip—appear in numerous manifestations.

Laser-cut, overlaid with advertisements, and pressed with gold leaf, the works suggest that, within a consumer culture, everything and everyone is subject to reinvention.

In an era of digital reproduction, Walker’s work draws attention to popular culture’s perpetual consumption and reuse of images.

The valves feature a large, resilient poppet that provides bubble-tight closure, even under low pressure conditions.

Lexair direct operated cam valves can be used with a variety of media where quick acting mechanical control and long service life are required.

Featuring a standard operating pressure of 500 PSI, these durable, high flow units are perfect for any of your high pressure application requirements.

Not only is will fill every space in the Museum—galleries, Project Wall, courtyard, and mezzanine, as well as the facade of the building—interspersing extant and new work, allowing viewers to experience the connections between them.