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Free online sex chat with aunties

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She took the half of my cock in one go and then another half in another go and I started fucking her hard.

I pressed my body on to her back and pressed her boobs while fucking her ass. The way you are fucking me, I wont be able to walk properly for few days and not to mention the pain but I don’t care. I fucked her ass hard and fast for 10 mins and then shot my load into her until I had nothing left in my balls. She slept near me and said-Well done baby,you did a fine job.

She moaning and groaning and said-That’s it you dirty pervert motherfucker,fuck your Aunty’s ass hard. From that, I came to Aunty’s place and we both fucked everyday till Rajesh came back.

When I went to meet him, Aunty welcomed me,served me tea and talked sweetly with me.

Rajesh was surprised to see the change in her mommy-Wow,mom seems to have changed a lot towards you even if her beahviour remained same to my other friends. I said-Ooh no, I just helped her when her back troubled her a lot creamed and massaged it and her back problem is gone now.

Rajesh said-Ooh really,thanks so much for taking care of her when no one is around. I said-My special formulated cream and thought myself-Made from my balls.

In this part, I had another mature Aunty,rather a Grandma to be precise.

She again looked at me hard and said-Sure,thank you. My hand was touching her back and my eyes were focused on her big ass. She also hugged me hard and said-How does it feel to take your dream woman in your arms? She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it. I could wait no longer and within 2 mins, I came hard in her mouth which she gulped without any problem.

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