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No charge girl cams

DA Jerry Jones told KNOE-TV the thinking behind the decision.

The Coast Guard, Cambridge Police and Natural Resources Police were all there when the group docked."Clearly no one was in control of that boat, clearly the throttle was pushed forward so the boat was moving, there were other boats in the area,” Natural Resources Police Spokesperson Candy Thomson said.

She was using Newfoundland licence plates although she moved to Ottawa to start a new job earlier this summer.

Police said Thursday afternoon that motorcyclist Erik Hanna would not be charged. The lawyer called us and said I have the lady in my office.

No charges were pressed, and Thomson told ABC2 News the group paid $3,000 in cash for the damage they caused to the craft."There's so many bad things that could have come out of that, I don't think they realize how lucky they are to all be in one piece," Thomson said.