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While they were living a happy life, Buddy’s family was suffering because of his sudden death, which prompted Cathy to work in Japan to provide for Sam. This series also marked the return of James Reid-Nadine Lustre (Ja Dine) tandem's TV appearance since On the Wings of Love, when it was premiered one year ago and concluded seven months ago.

Her mission – to bring back the love her family once had for each other – becomes even more difficult as she races against time and tries to gather her memories before they are completely wiped out.

Doble Kara, 2016 Doble Kara Full Episode Replay This is the story of Sarah and Kara (both played by Julia Montes), twin sisters who grows up in a happy family despite being poor.

Will Pinang ever find it in her heart to forgive Philip for the hardship he had brought upon her family?

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Kasama sina Albert Martinez, Agot Isidro, Angeline Quinto, Arjo Atayde, Bela Padilla, Jaime Fabregas at Ms.

Susan Roces sa direksyon nina Malu Sevilla at Avel Sunpongco.

Watch as people from all over come on stage to showcase their skills and creativity in this one of a kind talent show full of fun and prizes. Struggling to prepare herself for a life as a nurse in the UK as well as to help provide for her family after her mother had been deported from Singapore, she has no time for the distractions such as love and romance.