Start Billy corgan and courtney love dating

Billy corgan and courtney love dating

I really just have to detach myself from the world of gossip and preconceived ideas." She also mentioned how she envies country legend Dolly Parton's ability to keep her private life , unlike Simpson's lifelong media circus. I've got to get some tips." Celebrity fitness trainer Mike Alexander, who's also worked with Jessica's sister, Ashlee Simpson, as well as other stars like Kristin Chenoweth and Amanda Bynes, explained that cardio is key for pop stars like Simpson.

"I can't promote squats and step-ups enough," Alexander told , Simpson eased up on her stringent diet and workout routine, although she still hit the gym three times a week.

"I can't deprive myself of things because then I obsess about it and end up eating," she told The singer, who had since split from her husband, Nick Lachey, sparked criticism for her fuller frame when she performed at the 2009 Chilli Cookoff in Florida, and again when she sang the National Anthem at the AT&T National golf tournament hosted by Tiger Woods.

But this Texas-grown superstar singer-turned billionaire fashion mogul is more than just a pretty pair of pumps.

The pair hit the gym for two-hour workouts six days a week beginning one month before the shoot, and then three to four times a week during filming.

But she may have had more personal reasons for avoiding the papz.

In an interview in 2009, Simpson admitted, "I don't know if you ever get used to tabloids and people making up stories about you and writing about you [...].

She knew fashion then, and — a $1 billion dollar fashion empire later — she sure knows it now.