Start Capricorn woman and dating

Capricorn woman and dating

She likes gifts that have lasting value, or are useful to her.

She carefully considers what she'll invest in, before opening her heart. The female Sea Goat admires those achieve, especially against the odds.

You'll impress her with stories of times you've persevered, or what you're building up in your life. She sees and works with that, and is a bad match for a dreamer whose feet are not firmly on the ground.

This means that the Capricorn woman finds herself playing the traditional male role in a romantic relationship.

Her stoic nature, career ambition and voracious sexual appetite can be too intimidating for many men.

Her nature puts her in charge, and the right lover with share the decision-making.

She doesn't like to leave things to chance, and is a one-woman planning committee.

Often, Cappy delivers zingers that go to the stark truth about the human conditions.