Start Companies say backdating used in days after 9 11

Companies say backdating used in days after 9 11

Ditto why somebody in Queensland, Australia, is listed as a Director.

Rujina Begum is also a listed Director for something called United Gateway Asia Limited, a former New Zealand corporation struck off in December last year.

Of the two listed Directors, Begum (right) is likely running FX United.

CGAT investments are made via a twelve month contract, with affiliates paid a 30% deposit bonus.

Affiliates can withdraw funds before twelve months for a fee (3%), but only if the balance in their account is 150% of what they initially invested.

The incorporation certificate shows that United Global Holdings Limited was incorporated on the 23rd of May, 2014.

The New Zealand address provided on the certificate is also used by numerous other businesses, suggesting it’s little more than a rented mailing address.

On her Linked In profile, Begum refers to herself as a “compliance officer” for Rational FX.