Start Current recordset does not support updating

Current recordset does not support updating

Find to find the reference you are looking for; Check whether Find was successful in locating the row; If it was successful, edit and Update the row; If it didn't find the row, then add a new row (if this is what you want to do).

Text ' The email address the customer uses for instant messaging rs. Text ' Other details associated with the customers instant messaging rs. Merging update conflicts becomes nontrivial when you are updating in batches.

Net) and batch updating, which is the cheapest updatable recordset in terms of performance, but also the most complicated to work with in multiuser situations.

i am trying to edit a record that i just saved into the databasebut the code I have been using has been giving me some errors " run time error '3251': current recordset does not support updating. You can overcome this by using an array to keep track of changes not yet posted to your local recordset and only do a requery when the array gets to a certain size. If you're really trying to help them, you have a responsibility to see that you're not giving them wrong information. I apologise for the "mistake" but object to the term "howlers".

This maybe a limitation of the provider,or of the selected locktype " I am using the code below for my update: Set rs = New ADODB. Open "Access", Con, ad Open Forward Only, , ad Cmd Table If Not txt User Number. Also, the Filter method works better for me in this context than the Find method. Especially when you contradict someone else who is trying to help too. This post has been edited by Bob Rodes: 07 April 2013 - AM Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim cn As Connection Dim rs As Recordset Set cn = New Connection cn. Are you saying that you check everything that you post and don't make mistakes?

but there are times when people decide to argue with us, and unfortunately the role of a moderator is basically a rule enforcer and peace keeper. It would have been better if you had worked it out yourself, but obviously it depends on whether you have read the forum descriptions or not - as they don't appear in the list of forums for searching etc, it is understandable to miss them. I'm hoping that the fact you have not posted anything about the issue since the initial post means you have solved it...

We definitely prefer not to do that, we would much rather be answering questions instead... not everyone is the mvp As I said in the second half of the sentence you quoted, your mistake was understandable - and I would far rather you hadn't decided to turn it into an argument, but that was entirely your choice.

The exceptions (which arguably fit in either) are when people are writing VBA code to interact with a database.

Open str SQL, cn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Optimistic rs. In fact I have gone to other code sites for answers and seen some of the moderators from here arguing instead of providing answers.... VBA questions (even for Access) generally belong in the Office Development forum.

But there are a number of conditions to fulfil before this will work properly, so I suggest that you continue with Find for the moment. This is a so-called "firehose cursor" which supports only Move Next and Move First. It's used to iterate a recordset, for example to fill a listbox with values.

Text ' The email address the customer uses for instant messaging rs. Text ' Other details associated with the customers instant messaging rs. I shall just mention that if you are searching an Index (perhaps the primary key) then it is possible to use Seek, rather than Find, which would be much faster.

For example, my "howler" that you corrected (which didn't offend me at all, by the way) when I thought an OP was using VB6 and he was using Excel I only posted after spending some time looking for the method in the VB6 documentation and not finding it. And I always check before correcting someone else's post, yours included.