Start Dating an only child guy

Dating an only child guy

If you’ve typically been a Fallback option, it’s best to steer clear of these situations unless you’re absolutely certain that whatever contributed to your previous habits has now changed.

He's watched you grow from the time he met you and blossom into the incredible person you are today. Your past isn't something he finds shame in but instead, something he finds substance in. He isn't seeking to win your love and deal with your baggage; he wants to help you carry your baggage. I know it's a bit grotesque to compare a woman with a gazelle and a man with a lion, but to him, you are his gazelle, and he wants to catch you. He wants you for your mind, your intellect and what you bring to the world around you. You should never commit to a man who can't handle you at your worst, drunkest, sloppiest, lowest, hot mess moment.

We may be imagining all sorts of problems that may or may not exist or we’re rationalising our own boundaries, values, and even prior experiences of being in one of these situations (so knowing that we may struggle with the emotional consequences) and are thinking along the lines of, ‘Well…

I’m of a certain age so I need to prepare myself for turning a blind eye to any code amber / red actions and indications because people in this age group tend to be recently broken up / separated / divorced‘. There’s no easy answer to the question of what the ‘right time’ is for dating a separated or recently divorced person.

Stop wasting your time on fools who are unworthy of you.