Start Dating fostoria glass

Dating fostoria glass

Bill & I have done what we can; we leave little notes in pieces that say "Please stop turning EAPG purple!

Line number 2056, American, was Fostoria Glass Co.'s most successful pattern, produced continuously from its introduction in 1915 until the Moundsville, West Virginia, plant closed in 1986.

To be fair, some dealers who have a few purple pieces are genuinely surprised when we reject their pieces and tell them they are ruined, but I have spoken with a number of people who own shelves-full of this glass- none of whom admit to having been the one to "do the deed", and their response is always defiantly, "It sells." They say (ignorant) visitor's from "up north" are enchanted with the idea of the age of the glass and its being affected by our fabulous southwestern sun.

This, in the face of out and out admissions that a germicidal UV lamp was actually used & the sun had nothing to do with it!

If they set glass out and it turned purple, it proved to them and to their customers that the glass was, indeed, made prior to ca.