Start Dating site title object object

Dating site title object object

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These properties give access to extra features on this object.

Common APIs used to manipulate Dexterity content objects In this section, we will describe some of the more commonly used APIs that can be used to inspect and manipulate Dexterity content objects.

In most cases, the content object is referred to as Note that both of these approaches bypass any type checks, i.e.

Returns parent page of the current page or nothing if page is already a top-level page.

Returns true or false depending whether image is attached to page. Like path but adds language code for front page path for cross language links consistency.

Renders statistics service javascript code configured under site settings screen (external tracking code). Returns list of published language environments defined under site settings. Use latest_n_articles accessor to get appropriate number of articles. Articles are ordered by create date, newer articles first.

It is advised to add this property on all page templates at the end of the HTML document. Articles are ordered by create date, newer articles first. Returns the URL for the static asset server used for serving tools and optional plugins. Renders header code content configured under site settings screen. Useful when generating button that groups hidden menuitems together: hidden_menuitems_with_data - includes page attribute.

A web page can be loaded, analyzed, and rendered by creating a web page object.