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I’d been there, and I wish I’d known this strategy earlier.” A strategy that will allow even the shyest of men to find and attract the woman of his dreams.

As granny would say, "baby girl, he's trying to get the milk without buying the cow." Now, I'm not knocking unmarried couples that live together or couples that do the "Oprah-Stedman thing." But I know tons of women who engage in "marriage trail periods" with non-committal men.

And ultimately, if a man tells you he needs a temporary "trial period" of shacking up to see if you're "the one," you need to simply tell him that you need a permanent trial period of dating other men. HELPS MAKE A BABY BUT DOESN'T EVEN MENTION MARRIAGEA real man desires an intact family unit for their child/children.

Men do like structure and security in their lives- and the family unit (), but he still doesn't, at the very minimum, even talk about putting a ring on it. YOU'VE BEEN EXCLUSIVE BUT HAVE NOT MET HIS FAMILY/FRIENDSNot meeting your man's mother/parents/family/friends is a sign that he hasn't fully let you into his life.

And being cut off from the people closest to him is a sign that he doesn't view you as the woman he'd want to spend the rest of his life with. YOU HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO BEGGINGThis is definitely not a good look.

Some women rationalize their begging by describing it as "asking kindly over and over again." Don't be this woman.

Even Stevie Wonder can see that the guy that makes you beg for his love/time is the guy that really doesn't value you.

“When I discovered this strategy, I was initially scared to share it with the world.