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However, Wren did design 51 new city churches and the new St Paul's Cathedral.

Chronicles are the predecessors of modern "time lines" rather than analytical histories.

In the seventeenth century, architecture was considered a pursuit that could be practiced by any gentleman educated in the field of mathematics. In May 1666, Wren submitted plans for a classical design with a high dome.

Christopher Wren began designing buildings when his uncle, the Bishop of Ely, asked him to plan a new chapel for Pembroke College, Cambridge. Before this work could proceed, fire destroyed the Cathedral and much of London.

If you seek his memorial, look about you."Sickly as a child, Christopher Wren began his education at home with his father and a tutor.

Schools attended: As an astronomer, the future architect developed exceptional skills working with models and diagrams, experimenting with creative ideas, and engaging in scientific reasoning.

After the Great Fire of London in 1666, Sir Christopher Wren designed new churches and supervised the reconstruction of some of London's most important buildings. Born: October 20, 1632 at East Knoyle in Wiltshire, England Died: February 25, 1723 in London, at age 91Tombstone Epitaph (translated from Latin) in St.

Paul's Cathedral, London:"Underneath lies buried Christopher Wren, the builder of this church and city; who lived beyond the age of ninety years, not for himself, but for the public good.

Christopher Wren used baroque ideas with classical restraint.