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If I don't agree to meet up (assuming I don't have set in stone plans), does that make me seem boring or a control freak? My problem is more that I'm older (37) and I don't Internet date much. If you want dudes in their early 20s I should shut up, and you should get advice from them. My point in bringing up the article was simply that if a guy in his 20s set a date in the future to meet, then surely a guy in his mid-thirties to early forties can.

This is a very safe and secure way to meet your Russian wife, and your privacy and interests are understood and protected.

Never go off in their car, no matter how safe they seem, always take yours.

That story won’t make you sound worldly, it will make you sound gross.

If exclusivity is a priority for you, be upfront about what you need.

If you were sleeping with someone, the default position was that you were sleeping only with them. The person you really like is sleeping with whoever they want until you both agree otherwise.

This can be a tricky adjustment — painful to the heart and punishing to the ego.

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