Start Intj dating infj

Intj dating infj

To both the INFJ and INTJ, their inner lives are the most important.

They’re effective workers because they’re skilled at planning projects and carrying them out efficiently.

They don’t walk away and leave the details to others.

If a relationship between an INFJ and INTJ starts to fall apart, the INTJ is likely to withdraw and remain silent about his or her feelings, even with the partner.

An INTJ father may decide what college would be best for his son and what his major should be, failing to consider the boy’s preferences and personality.

If the father was a business major in college, he may discourage an athletic son who wants to study physical education.

A mother who is a biologist may not understand a daughter who wants to be a musician.

Their work areas may be cluttered, but, as with INTJs, their minds are extremely organized.