Start Mate com dating

Mate com dating

You must narrow down the 16 to just 2, and then with their profile information and pictures you select just one.

The name of the application literally translates to ‘With you, With Me’, and has a cute design layout.

The arrangement works like so; one gets introduced to 16 eligible people every day.

Rather than meeting one on one, the app encourages a gathering of likeminded people of similar interests, and hopefully one can form a friendship or even more.

This app is less burdensome because one does not need to prepare a resume of reasons to be attractive; also it focuses on enjoying time together rather than only dating.

Unlike most other dating apps, this app is not styled to be cute or romantic.

The intention is very casual as the app aims to connect single people (hence the name being a combination of ‘single’ and ‘people’), by doing things that they are interested in.

The name of the app is the combination of the words ‘dating’ and ‘cup’.

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