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MTV Splitsvilla season 9 will soon conclude with one of the 15 celebrity boys and a girl from the villa emerging as the winner of the reality show hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Sinha.

The show started with 15 celebrity boys and 6 beautiful girls coming to the reality dating show to find true love.

In this behind the scene video the two are seen singing the popular Honey Singh song in perfect syn! #Behind The Scenes #fun #work #squadrann Txl8 — Rannvijay singha (@Rannvijay Singha) October 1, 2016 So we will see Martina-Varun, Kavya-Gurmeet and Rajnandini-Nikhil competing in the grand finale of Splitsvilla 9.

We never knew that the two could ever get along together! (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla 9 semi-finale – Episode 19: Martina beats Mia to challenge queens Kavya & Rajnandini in the grand finale). The MTV Splitsvilla season 9 will come to an end with the hosts Sunny Leone and Ranvijay’s announcing the winner of this dating reality show inspired by American dating reality show Flavor of Love.

Splitsvilla 9 has come to a crucial point at the moment and the strongest contenders from the show are Kavya Khurana-Gurmeet Singh, Martina Thariyan-Varun Sood and the ‘evil’ queen Rajnandini.

Both the queens Rajnandini and Kavya have made it straight to the MTV Splitsvilla season 9 grand finale.

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