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Here is a short list of examples from the hundreds of separate topics available for discussion in the Parenting conference. Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Initiations and Rites of Passage Brand New Well Baby!! Tall Teenage Tales (cont.) Guilt MOTHERS Vasectomy--Did It Hurt? Single Parenting Uncle Philcat's Back Fence: Gossip Here! The flashlight rests on it, and the beam rises and falls with my breath. Lillie recovered, and relieved our anxieties about her vocal capabilities after all that time with a hole in her throat by saying the most extraordinary things, duly reported online by Jay. Those nights sitting up late with my daughter, I'd go to my computer, dial up the WELL, and ramble. At my "real" friends were asleep, so I turned to this foreign, invisible community for support. Typing out my journal entries into the computer and over the phone lines, I found fellowship and comfort in this unlikely medium.

Hundreds more every week read the conference without comment, except when something extraordinary happens. What follows are some of Jay's postings on the WELL: Woods Hole. When summer rolled around we started talking about doing something relaxing together, like bringing our kids somewhere for a barbecue.

In typical WELL fashion, it quickly amplified to a WELLwide party hosted by the Parenting conference.

For example, in your profile there's an extensive list of fetishes...

Despite being owned by AFF and representing a subset of the main AFF database, ALT have made a big effort to tailor the website to their targeted demographic.

There was just something about the way they were all standing, talking with each other in knots of two or three, while the kids ran around the eucalyptus grove and found their way to the softball diamond.

I remember playing on the same team with a fellow who never ceases to annoy me when he wrenches every conversation online around to a debate about libertarianism; I remember thinking, after we had darn near accomplished a double play together, that he wasn't such a bad guy.

In the case of the subcommunity of the Parenting conference, a few dozen of us, scattered across the country, few of whom rarely if ever saw the others face-to-face, had a few years of minor crises to knit us together and prepare us for serious business when it came our way. The lights used to blink too brightly so I covered them with bits of bandage adhesive and now they flash faintly underneath, a persistent red and green, Lillie's heart and lungs. In the glow of the flashlight I'm writing by, it looks like the plastic guts of a science-class human model, the tubes coiled around the power supply, the reservoir, the pump. The WELL's annual summer picnic in the San Francisco Bay area grew out of a face-to-face gathering that was originally organized in the Parenting conference.