Start Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

Darren has been talking to the Xfire guys about this problem, so we certainly are aware of it and trying to fix it. Xfire and Your Framerate: A Love Story Actually, it's more of a love-hate story. We have discovered (along with many other people) that Xfire can cause severe framerate drops on some machines when running NWN2.

Of course the programmers didn't just forget how to do them, but it wasn't like we could just take what we created and put it in NWN2. Evil clerics can spontaneously convert their cleric spells to inflict spells of the same level. They can still be hard to find, but here's an easy one: go down the well in Ember and look around.

Just explaining things here, not trying to push anything under the rug. Druids spontaneously convert their spells to summoning spells. Extreme Lag 2 I know this can easily get lost in the shuffle but...

For 8th level, memorize silent or still versions of Resurrect.

-BAZMAN- Tholapsyx - Spoiler - Time for some Power Player Protips.

You may have a scroll of it already, in which case, prep it for emergency casting.

Before the battle, cast EI: Fire on all companions.

More: Well, unfortunately Xfire can be installed during the installation process of NWN2, so many people probably say, "Okay! More: WEEE-OOO, WEEE-OOO, here's a fix update from one of the Xfire guys:***Here's something you can do if you're comfortable editing the Xfire_file in your Xfire directory.