Start Playstation portable id not updating

Playstation portable id not updating

Tbh i haven't really looked into the in's and out's of the ID only that i transferred my old details over and then used the ID as me sig.

The USB drive is also not visible in the ‘ES File Explorer’ home page. If you open the ‘ES File Explorer’ and tap the menu on the top left then you will find an option ‘Local’.

When you tap this it will expand and will show you the connected USB OTG drive.

Since in the first paragraph, I have mentioned that the android 6.0 software update for the Moto G3 has an inbuilt file manager.

Whenever you connect a USB OTG drive to your phone a popup appears in the notification panel.

Recently Moto G 3rd Generation has received the official android 6.0 Marshmallow update in India.

The android 6.0 for Moto G 2015 was first released in the North America and Canada. The new firmware has features like Doze mode, Do Not Disturb, Moto display, Inbuilt file manager, new wallpapers, improved volume controls, ability to use sdcards as internal storage, app permissions and app links.

Here you need to tap ‘Explore’ to view the files stored on the USB drive.