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as one of the personal titles (including Nawab "bahadur", one rank above his dynasty's) conferred in 1658 by the Mughal emperor , thus becoming an independent ruler.*"Saif Ali" "Sword of Ali" referring to arguably most famous sword in Islamic history, belonging to both the Prophet, and later, Imam/Khalifa Ali, Zulfikar, and with which Ali slew a Makkan foot soldier, cleaving both his helmet and head, at the Battle of Uhud, to which Prophet Muhammed remarked ""La fatà illa Ali, la saif illa Zulfikar" لا فتى إلا علي لا سيف إلا ذو) الفقار ) 'There is no hero except Ali, and there is no sword except Zulfikar and with which he slew Amr, a ferocious and devastating Makkan soldier at the Battle of the Trench at Madinah.

August 1970Zodiac: Leo Marital status: Was Married to Amrita Singh (1991-2004); has a son, Ibrahim, and a daughter, Sara Ali Khan.

Saif is currently dating Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor.

Description As such it does not in and of itself denote anything more specific than "saber" or "back-sword" in its parent land.

However, westerners have a tendency to categorize the various types of blades encountered abroad (and across history) by the local name for "sword".

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His mother Sharmila Tagore is an acclaimed Bollywood actress. His college years were spent in his father’s alma mater, Winchester College, UK. The success of this film firmly also established Saif as a name to reckon with in Bollywood.