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Same race dating preferences

So white women are the only group in which less than 70% claim they have no preferences when it comes to race.

The concept of revealed preference is an important one for economists, which is why we rarely rely on surveys to determine preferences.

A Hispanic man would need to earn $77,000 more than a white man, and Asian man would need, remarkably, an additional $247,000 in additional annual income. The fact that the numbers are so large suggests that a man’s race is significantly more important that his income. Well the problem is that men don’t seem to care about income at all.

So even though their behaviour suggests they care less about their partner’s race than women do, the income needed to encourage them to make the trade-off between races is incalculably large.

Every other observable characteristic about these two people is identical.

What would X have to be in order to make a woman prefer the man in the other ethnic group? An African-American man would have to earn $154,000 more than a white man in order for a white woman to prefer him. If income was the more important factor in mate choice these numbers would be small; it would take very little additional income to entice a woman to date a man of a different race.

Women who claimed in the initial survey that ethnicity wasn’t important to them in mate choice discriminated just as much as those who stated that preference up-front.

So, here is a question: If a woman cares about her mate’s income and ethnicity, what would a man’s income have to be to make a woman want to contact him even though he is of a different race than her? A woman can choose between communicating with two men.

Maybe there is a difference between what they think that should want and what they actually want. Mate Preferences and Matching Outcomes in Online Dating” by G.