Start Setup ds admin pl error updating console conf

Setup ds admin pl error updating console conf

For more information, see How to Assign Rights for Objects to Users and Groups and About the SMS Admins Group.

389-DS can handle thousands of concurrent users more effectively.

Concerning about 389-DS features, we can list the following: If you made any mistake and want to go back to previous screen press CTRL B and Enter. ============================================================================== This program will set up the 389 Directory and Administration Servers.

It is highly recommended to apply the patches from Oracle for a given release.

So I downloaded DB4 and installed via below steps :- [[email protected] ~]# cd /opt [[email protected] opt]# wget

Use a registry editor to add a new dword value called Value Limit under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Config Mgr\Admin UI\Query Processors.

Set Value Limit to a number large enough to return the necessary number of entries.

When you are running a remote Configuration Manager 2007 console and the console loses connection with the site server, the console might stop responding but not return an error message.

If you terminate the process in Windows Task Manager and then try to connect again, the console might continue to be unresponsive.

/etc/into conf\extra Apache’s folder (make a backup of this file before).

Edit this file and modify parameters shown in red below to match your need (you can take them from the old ocsinventory-server.conf) : 1.999_21, replace VERSION_MP by 2 Perl Set Env OCS_MODPERL_VERSION 2 # Master Database settings # Replace DATABASE_SERVER by hostname or ip of My SQL server for WRITE Perl Set Env OCS_DB_HOST localhost # Replace DATABASE_PORT by port where running My SQL server, generally 3306 Perl Set Env OCS_DB_PORT 3306 # Name of database Perl Set Env OCS_DB_NAME ocsweb Perl Set Env OCS_DB_LOCAL ocsweb # User allowed to connect to database Perl Set Env OCS_DB_USER ocs # Password for user Perl Set Var OCS_DB_PWD ocs …

389 Directory Server system tuning analysis version 23-FEBRUARY-2012.