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Table for two dating

Table for Six specializes in introducing compatible, single professionals in California.

Since joining the Company, Matt has brought Table For Two to the next level by adding "wellness" components to the business, such as image consultants and Licensed Counselors for Dating Success Assessments and Coaching.

He is passionate that all Table For Two clients "put their best foot forward as they enter the dating world." Matt brings a wealth of business management experience, rich life experience and a MBA from The Carlson School of Management.

Explore a new approach to dating someone special today.

Behind the scenes of Table for 2 is a highly trained diverse staff offering coaching and dating expertise that is unmatched by other dating services.

When a cute guy offers a bite of his steak or a taste of his risotto, the polite–and flirty–thing to do is accept it.

While she admits there have been occasions when she has declined dates’ offerings, those times she did oftentimes led not only to another forkful, but also another date.

Dates, especially the first, are always filled with anxiety, and this feeling is only compounded by concerns about whether or not the date’s chosen restaurant will have something able to satisfy a picky eater.