Start Tfs burndown chart not updating

Tfs burndown chart not updating

Retrospectives, when conducted well and at regular intervals, support continuous improvement.

Your burn-down chart shows you if your project is on schedule.

Incomplete user stories will remain in the product backlog, and new user stories will be added to the backlog.

Both sets of stories will be ranked and either estimated or re-estimated in the next sprint planning meeting.

This meeting and the resulting improvements are critical to the agile principle of self-organization.

Look to address these areas during your team sprint retrospectives: As a team, work to determine whether to adapt one or more processes to minimize the occurrence of problems during the sprint.

You can always review past sprints and sprint burndown charts by choosing the sprint listed under the Past section. In particular you can review your sprint burndown charts to show the team patterns in execution.

The burndown charts maintain a record of the team's ability to plan and estimate.

Teams should meet immediately to course correct and either reassign work, recruit more resources, or reset expectations.