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Throughout his career as a vocalist, Armstrong’s voice has been compared to the late, great frontman for the Clash. Both men possessed an expressively breathless anger that sometimes whispered and, at others, melodically shouted about the socio-political ills of the day, sharing a leaning towards reggae in their music at various stages.

Nevertheless, even the most banal of the material is forgivable owing to just how damn catchy it is.

Its titular refrain is backed by police sirens, helicopters, turntable scratching, and drums that walk the edge of machine gun rattle and hip-hop beats.

While several musical styles are carefully blended into Armstrong’s solo album, the overall vibe is that of bizarrely authentic sounding ‘70s electronic reggae.

All of the songs on A Poet’s Life were given away free to fans willing to participate in an online scavenger hunt, tracking down the MP3s on various blogs and websites at least a month before the album’s release.