Start Tversity folders not updating

Tversity folders not updating

When transcoded the sound and video is totally out of sync.

TVersity streamlines the experience by offering a single interface in which you can organize access to your media from your 360. The only restriction on the use of the free program is the content you can access.

I even tried the beta version with the same results.

Ho0pefully future updates will take care of these problems.

Unfortunately, only Internet Explorer and Firefox versions are available. You also don’t need to worry about installing it if you have no intent to source online content.

The other option is the installation of a codec pack. Otherwise, you might run into issues trying to play videos. These are separate areas where you can add individual files or folders to your library.

With the free version you can watch files saved to your computer and a few online content sources including You Tube, Google Videos and Flickr.

The paid version, which is $39.99, gives you access to Hulu, BBC i Player, paid You Tube content (i.e.

Ive never had it run 100% right and always mixed results and runs like a turd.