Start Updating maps tomtom 6 ipaq

Updating maps tomtom 6 ipaq

Motorway assist on both are clear and easy to follow.4. Both system say street names well enough, Tomtom says 'turn left, oxford street', Garmin beats Tomtom on this: 'turn left onto oxford street'.

The speaker I set to 90% as I like the radio on and was more than loud enough and my hearing is far from perfect.

I drive over 100,000 miles a year to give you an idea of how much I use this.

Used every day all over Europe and into Africa, mapping is excellent, Traffic is a useful addition in a car or van, not so much in a truck though.

Putting addresses in is very quick and gives you the option to look at alternative routes if you are not happy with its recommended choice, something my old Garmin did not do, which I used a lot with Google maps, something I'm very happy with.

The mapping is better than both Google maps and my old Garmin, as is the spoken directions, giving street names and generally very easy to understand.

I had been using a combination of an older Garmin Nuvi 610 (2007 model) and an i Phone 5c with Google maps to look for alternative traffic and routes.

The Garmin's mount started to fail and the maps were fairly old and I wasn't willing to pay the excessive premium for the updated maps, so I decided to look for a new sat-nav that could have the reliable directions of the Garmin (i Phone jumps from road to road very unreliable) but with spoken road names and the very good traffic and alternative routes of Google maps.

I chose the 510 over the 5100 due to my i Phone (Vodafone) always has a reliable 3G or 4G signal and is always on charge in my vehicles so it made no sense to choose the more expensive model.