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Validating custom control

The deferred actions should be the only ones that makes changes on the local machine.

A normal user can run a custom action that requires administrator rights only if the “With no impersonation” option is set for it.

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For each of the deferred, rollback and commit actions you have an additional option: With no impersonation.

This is related to the current user's rights set by the User Account Control (only for Windows Vista or above) when running the package.

In the sequence that starts with Begin and ends with Remove Existing Products only immediate actions can be used.

The sequence that starts with the Install Initialize standard action and ends with Install Finalize will be gone through twice.

For example, it will start/stop services, it will write/modify registries, create shortcuts and it will install the files on the target machine.

When the installation script execution is done, the installer returns to the User Interface Sequence in order to display the exit dialog and/or execute any custom actions that may be placed after the Execute Action standard action.

The immediate actions should not modify the target machine since those changes cannot be rolled back.

The deferred actions, can run only during the installation script execution.

You can also suppress the Blocked Shutdown Resolver (BSDR) screen and automatically end applications while the OS waits for applications to close before a shutdown.