Start Validating your username with planet auran

Validating your username with planet auran

The Trainz Forum Code of Conduct should be adhered to in the chat.

To join the IRC server use the following details: Server: irc.Port: 6667 Channel: #trainz Please note that the users with @ prefixing their usernames eg @Lance_Jago are moderators.

Moderators or channel operators have the ability to kick and ban people from the server for inappropriate conduct such as the use of offensive language.

In some instructions on the website it says; How to register your User ID in Trainz To register your User ID with Trainz, select "Register User ID" under Programs-Trainz in your Start Menu.

Alternatively, you can use Windows Explorer to browse to your Trainz folder and either open "Register User ID" or run the file 'Edit KUID.exe'.

WEll I hate to inform you that there is nothing in my start menu called "register user ID" and there is no file on my computer named "Edit KUID.exe" It also says; "If you have Trainz 1.0 you will need to upgrade to Service Pack 3 ( to use this function.

Well my trainz says it it version 2.9, build 37625 but I went there anyhow.

You need an IRC client that enables you to connect with our IRC server.

One of the most popular clients that we recommend is m IRC.

People who are not familiar with IRC can read our extensive step by step Guide to using m IRC below.

For those of you who are, here is the information you will need to get you started.

Now a new top window will open called m IRC Options. Note: After you hit Add it should not go back to the Option window, hit the Select button on the server window than select Connect from the tree on the left.