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Who is bob bryar dating

Gerard likes Frank a lot, and subconsciously works to try and impress him.

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When Mikey finds out that Bob had been cheating on him with Ray, Gerard isn't so sure he can save him this time. (It's the middle of the summer) Can Gerard talk him out a very bad choice? Mikey watched Gerard commuting to SVA; struggling with the long days and never getting enough sleep, and not really being a part of the school social scene because he was always on the fucking train, and Mikey made the decision that he sure as shit wasn't going to stay in Jersey for School. *Frank Way has tried for years to get his hearing back.

How Mikey Way left home to find himself and found another family along the way. Gerard, his husband, is concerned that someone his denying him his operation.

””Okay okay, I get it.””Hey Frankie, can I get another?