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Who is don cheadle dating

I was like, why don't we just call it historical fiction?

The actor, who learned to play trumpet for the role, presents Davis as wary, wily, self-critical.

Camped out in his smoky New York den, he's "jazz's Howard Hughes." He hasn't performed in years. follows this mismatched duo as Davis goes in search of a missing master tape, and as he goes back in time, remembering his relationship with Frances Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi), the woman he would marry and torment.

The genius behind Dave Braden (Ewan Mc Gregor), a hoppity, long-haired journalist who says he's a staffer at Rolling Stone, wants to know.

(They divorced in 1968.) Mc Gregor's ambitious, duplicitous Braden serves as the audience's eyes and ears in a movie that tries hard to jettison the usual music-biopic format, the usual clichés.