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Who is zach braff dating now

it was like running a political campaign.”Braff also had to contend with the emotions that playing father-of-two Aidan stirred up. ” Braff split earlier this year from his girlfriend of five years, model Taylor Bagley, though it hasn’t derailed his mission to become a parent.

Sean Penn was attached, but then the money fell through – a typical experience.

Braff was taken aback, not least because actress Kristen Bell used the same methods to raise money for the film version of her show Veronica Mars.

“Everyone thought [that] was cool,” he says, a little bitterly.

After appearing on the 1989 TV show High, his first role of significance came in 1993’s Woody Allen film Manhattan Murder Mystery.

“He gave me my SAG [Screen Actors Guild] card when I was 18 years old,” he smiles.

Co-written with his older brother Adam, it sees Braff play struggling actor Aidan Bloom, a 35-year-old still clinging to his dreams of success when reality – money, family, illness – begins to impede.

It’s unashamedly sentimental, with Braff’s self-centred Aidan coming to terms, reluctantly, with what it means to be father, son and husband.

Taylor sported a white two piece ensemble, which featured white damask patterning across the chest and waistline, and she completed the look with a pair of nude coloured Valentino flats.